Source: Farmajo meets with new NISA director

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Credible sources told that outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo last night met with NISA interim director Bashir Mohamed Jama “Bashir Goobe.”

It is not yet clear what outgoing president Farmaajo discussed with Bashir Goobe, whose appointment was rejected in a letter issued Monday morning by the president, in which he also ordered former NISA director Fahad Yassin to continue in office.

Sources close to Villa Somalia say that in a meeting with Bashir Goobe, Farmaajo appears to have accepted his nomination and relinquished his position of rejecting the dismissal of NISA director Fahad Yassin.

If so, it is difficult to understand what changed Farmajo’s mind in less than 24 hours, but he may seem to have realized that nothing is in his hands, and that power in the country is fully in the hands of Prime Minister Roble.

Roble met on Monday evening with the interim commander of NISA and all the commanders of the armed forces, which many described as having their support, and sent a strong message to Farmaajo that he and Fahad Yasin are alone in this battle to find Ikran Tahlil and her family some justice.

If President Farmaajo accepts Fahad Yassin’s removal, it will officially confirm that he is out of control of the country, and henceforth he is an honorary president who is there to pass the seat to the next president.

Farmaajo’s decision to back Fahad Yassin sparked outrage, because Fahad’s case was not political, but related to the killing of a young woman trusted by the government, which gave Farmaajo a negative image within the Somali people.

During his four years in power, Farmaajo was known for not always thinking about the decisions he was making, and he often had to reverse decisions he made after they failed to materialize with a prime example being of his wish for an extended period, which was rejected by the majority of Somalis and the military.

It remains to be seen how Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will pick himself up in a muddy situation that he and few loyalist have placed themselves in, which has isolated them against the rest of the country in finding justice for Ikran Tahlil’s family.

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