Source: The official reason for Gudlawe’s boycott of the conference in Mogadishu

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More information is emerging as to why HirShabelle administration President Ali Gudlawe boycotted a meeting between Prime Minister Roble and regional leaders in Mogadishu on resolving the election issues.

A statement from HirShabelle this morning said: “HirShabelle Government declares that it is not part of the meeting of the National Consultative Assembly of the Federal Government, Member States and the Benadir Regional Administration. Since the HirShabelle government has no plans to attend the conference, the outcome will not be a matter for the HirShabelle government. ”

Credible sources close to Gudlawe told media that HirShabelle’s president feels disrespected and his political status has been diminished, which has angered him.

According to our sources, Hirshabelle State President Gudlawe did not attend last week’s Zoom Line meeting between Prime Minister Roble and the country’s regional leaders at a virtual conference in Mogadishu due to technical difficulties. Gudlawe, who is currently in Turkey, was unable to get online and with the Zoom meeting being held without him with no apology offered or delays to wait for his participation.

The meeting was pre-set up to decide on the agenda of the electoral meeting taking place today in Mogadishu, and with State President Gudlawe not consulted, sources say that he felt that he had not een respected of his position and felt ”he was violated”.

According to sources who spoke with anonymity, with the State President already left angirly to have a meeting without his presence, it was again decided last night without his consult to open the conference today; while Gudlawe is still out of the country.

It is reported that the HirShabelle’s president then became more furious, and apparently questioned why the Fed Government gave priority to the absence of Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni in the past meeting with repeated delays for weeks to facilitate their demands, and that they could not tolerate or wait a few days before his return.

The sources adds that it was then the State President issued a statement boycotting the meeting.

With HirShabelle’s president still  be out of the country until Friday, when he is expected to return, it is being reported that the conference has now been adjourned following his decision to boycott the crucial summit between the Prime Minister of the Federal Government and Federal State leaders.

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