South Africa: Another Somali businessman killed in Queenstown

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Isaaq Shinow Ali, a businessman, was killed by armed gang of looters at his shop on the outskirts of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape.

Witnesses reported that the the bandits killed businessman Isaac Shiinow by using a knife and stabbing him to death.

Three robbers reportedly entered the shop and locked it while the late businessman Isaaq Shinow was working alone in the shop.

Residents and fellow members of the business community learned that the Isaaq businessman’s shop was being robbed and that they immediately entered the shop to intervene, which resulted in the three robbers being killed on the spot.

Isaaq Shinow Ali had been trading there for a long time and was well-known to locals, which is why it led fellow nieghbours to come and try to rescue him which resulted in the killing of the bandits: a new phenomenon in South Africa.

Somalis and other foreigners in South Africa are routinely subjected to killings and looting by South African gangs with security officials unable to defend or support the community.

Last week, a Somali man has been shot dead by gunmen in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to reports, the armed robbers opened fire on Mustaf Mohamed Farayare, a young man businessman who had gone to the country to make a living and a future for his family.

After the killing, South African police officers arrived at the scene and investigations failed to apprehend the assailants who fled the scene.

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