South Africa protests; Violence and looting of Somali owned businesses

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Reports are emerging from major cities in South Africa that riots from pro Zuma supporters demonstrators are taking place with cities impacted including Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Cap Town with sources indicating of clashes, violence and widespread looting of businesses.

The violent protests are now escalating throughout South Africa, where many Somalis live and do business.

President Jacob Zuma supporters are angry over the jail sentence and have been seen on the main streets, staging violent protests.

There were also reports of clashes between police and angry supporters of the convicted former president.

Some traders have raised concerns with reports of facing intimidation and threats and that vehicles belonging to the Somali, Ethiopian and other communities burned and targeted overnight.

Abdullah Hussein, a Somali trader based in Pretoria, told that there have now ”barricaded their businesses and are now guarding it against any looters” he said. 

The situation is tense according to local sources, with recent reports of escalating violence across South Africa, staged by supporters of former President and now convict Jacob Zuma. will keep you up-to-date on any further developments.

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