South West to implement the decisions of the Consultative Assembly

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Southwest State has become the first administration to implement the resolutions of the National Consultative Assembly in Mogadishu, and announced the holding of parliamentary elections.

The South West State of Somalia’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has released the list of candidates for the five-member parliament.

The commission said that the registration and announcement of the selection committee will begin on Thursday, after which the election will proceed.

The seats announced are HOP, 184, HOP, 85, HOP, 156, HOP 176 and HOP 45, and will be held on the 18th of this month, next Tuesday.

These seats are also among the 11 seats announced by South West which was to hold elections on 01.01.2022, but was intervened in the Mogadishu conference.

“The SEIT South West State Electoral Commission is here to present the election schedule for 5 of the 11 seats announced on 01.01.2022,” the commission said in a statement.

The National Consultative Assembly has agreed to expedite the election, which will be completed within 40 days, in order to proceed with the presidential election.

Somalia has delayed the transition process following the elections, delaying its one-year deadline due to electoral disputes between the federal government, administrations and the opposition.

This week, the US State Department had released a statement on the continues delayment of the elections in which the US has threaten to sanction those deemed spoilers of the Somali State.

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