Sudan; Coup attempt by rogue military officials fails

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Reports from Sudan say a coup attempt took place in the country this morning, but failed, according to local media.

A group of Sudanese soldiers have reportedly tried to take control of the entire country.

The report added that officials from the current Sudanese government were involved in the failed coup attempt this morning.

A brief statement from the government called on the Sudanese people to come together and defend the country.

“A coup attempt has failed. The people must come together and stop this,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Sudan’s ruling TSC has said it has thwarted a coup attempt and is now in control of the country.

The situation is still tense, with large numbers of troops deployed on the country’s main roads in many parts of Sudan.

Coups have recurred in Sudan, most recently the ouster of Omar Hassan al-Bashir on April 11, 2019, who took office in a 1989 coup against Sadiq al-Mahdi’s government.

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