Sudan protests; Somali students facing challenging period since military coup

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Somali students studying at Sudanese universities, following a recent military coup, have expressed deep concern over the security situation in the country.

Some students in the country who have spoken to Somali state media say that the political crisis in Sudan has had a devastating effect, especially on education and basic services.

“People here are suffering because their hopes were high for a education. The internet has been out for almost two weeks,” said Yusuf Abdikarin, a student who spoke to the state media.

They also said that political activities and the uncertainty in Sudan have led to a difficult situation for Somali students in the country.

“The country’s problems are huge, our education has been severely impacted, and social services have been severely affected by the ongoing activities in the country.”

Coups have recurred in Sudan in recent years, most recently the ouster of Omar Hassan al-Bashir on April 11, 2019, who took office in a 1989 coup against Sadiq al-Mahdi’s government, impacting the social and education sector of the country.


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