Suicide car bomb explodes outside Military checkpoint in Ba’adweyne, Mudug

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A vehicle loaded with explosives has attacked a checkpoint controlled by the Federal Government troops and Galmudug Darawish in Ba’adweyne, Mudug region.

According to reliable sources confirmed to, the government forces foiled the car bomb and managed to shoot the driver of the car which later exploded.

The wounded soldiers of the attack are being treated in Wasil town in Mudug region, about 30km from Ba’adweyn district.

The security forces of Ba’adweyne district have launched an operation to investigate the suicide bombing that took place in the area and to determine the damage caused.

Mudug region is witnessing a series of clashes and activities by the Federal Government Forces, particularly the DANAB Special Forces, the 21st Division Military and the Galmudug Darawish Forces in collaboration with local allies in the war against Al. -Shabaab.

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