The body of MP Amina Mohamed Abdi being brought to Mogadishu

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The body of Amina Mohamed Abdi, a Somali lawmaker who was killed in a suicide bombing in Beledweyne, Hiraan region, is expected to be brought to Mogadishu in the coming hours.

According to MP Dahir Amin Jesow, who was elected in Beledweyne, the deceased will be buried in Mogadishu, the capital of the country.

Jesow, who spoke to speak to the media, said she was a prominent member of parliament from Hiran region.

“Amina was a prominent member of parliament in the Hiraan region, and among the Somali people in general. May God have mercy on her, and may God give us all patience and faith, ”said Somali parliamentarian Dahir Amin Jesow.

Funeral arrangements are now widely felt in the capital, and the death of Amina Mohamed has deeply touched the Somali people, with the deceased Amina now named the ‘Mother of Justice’ for her campaign to find justice for Ikran Tahliil Farah

All the staff at send their condolences and pray Allah have mercy on MP Amina Mohamed Abdi, who went to Beledweyne to run for the seat of her community where she was previously sitting, and her killing has casted many doubts, as she was involved in the Ikraan case which she was relentlessly advocating for.


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