Three seats in the House of the People elected in Baidoa

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The South West State Electoral Commission has today held elections in Baidoa, the regional capital of Bay region.

The first seat of HOP # 180 was previously occupied by Dahir Abdi Abdulle ‘Dr. Go’, who had resigned from the seat and did not participate,and was run by Saadad Mohamed Nur Aliyow and Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed. Saadat Mohamed Nur Aliyow won the seat with 87 votes while his rival Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed received 9 votes and with 4 votes called as void.

The second HOP # 213 seat previously held by Yaqub Ali Mohamed and was contested today by Amina Mohamed Mursal, the Women’s & Human Rights Advisor to the President of South West and Amino Hussein, with Amina Mohamed Mursal winning the seat with 79 votes while her rival Amina Hussein received 12 votes and with 6 votes called as void.

The third seat of HOP154 was won by Mohamed Abdalla, who has been in office for the past four years, with 89 votes, while his rival Fardowsa Ibrahim Abdi received 8 votes and with 4 votes called as void.

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