Toronto Shooting: Somali Victim identified; two others injured

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More details are emerging on the killing and wounding of Somali youth’s in Toronto, Canada.

The attack left Sahal Mohamed Sahal, 35, and two other’s injured, according to Toronto police.

Police say Sahal and two companions were shot at as they walked along the road when officers who were in the area of Adelaide and Duncan streets at approximately 5 a.m. on Saturday, heard the sound of gunshots.

The sources added that all three were initially injured, but Sahal died at the hospital.

Gunmen reportedly opened fire on the group of friends as they walked, and witnesses said they saw a white van pulling up next to them.

“All we know is that they were on the sidewalk walking in the area when the altercation happened so we don’t have anything further at this stage,” Inspector Kelly Skinner told CP24.

It is not clear why the Somali youths were targeted, but Canadian security officials are currently conducting further investigations into the incident.

For his part, Sahal’s father Mohamed said he did not yet know why his son had been killed, and pointed out that he was buried in a cemetery in Toronto.

Eyewitnesses and people who were close to the scene, or who have footage related to the incident have been asked to contact the police.

Canada has seen an increase in attacks on Somalis in recent months, often resulting in deaths and injuries. will keep you updated in any further developments in this story. 

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