TPLF leader announces stance on situation in Ethiopia

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TPLF leader Debretsion Gabremikael said no compromise would be made on the five basic principles of the Tigrayan people and would not be discussed in the ongoing peace process.

In a statement issued on the 47th anniversary of the TPLF’s armed struggle, he said that talks were underway with the government, but that there were issues that could not be negotiated.

He mentioned five issues that he said were fundamental questions for the people of Tigray.

“First, we will not compromise on our troops. He also said that the issue of Eritrea’s border, the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray, the right of the Tigrayan people to self-determination and the accountability of individuals who have wronged the Tigrayan people will not be discussed.

He added that these five points are the main points of the ongoing negotiations, “The issue of giving and receiving does not work here.” he added.

However, he said efforts were being made to mediate the fighting through various means.

Meanwhile, the African Union, the former president of Nigeria as well as the president of Kenya, said the US and EU delegations would play their part in the ongoing talks.

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