October 6, 2022

United States: Two Somali taxi drivers killed within 24 hours of each other

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Two Somali-born US citizens who lived in two different regions have been shot dead within a 24 hour period, according to the police.

The first person identified as Abdukadir Filanwa, who was a taxi driver, was shot dead in Indianapolis.

The police said that they have arrested two people named James Riley and Alysianna Martin, who are suspected of committing the murder after they were seen on a camera attached to the car that the deceased was driving.

Videos recorded by the camera seen shows the victim, Abdulkadir Filanwa, having an argument with both James Riley and Alysianna Martin.

Also, in the city of Seattle, Washington, Mohamed Kediye, who was also a driver of Lyft, was shot and killed, according to a Seattle police report.

At the time of the killing of the late Mohamed Kediye, it is said that a person driving another car shot him as they was passing by his side, according to local witnesses of the killing.

The person behind the murder of the late Mohamed Kediye has not yet been arrested, as confirmed by Seattle police officers, but an investigation is underway.

The killing of the two Somali-born men in United States has taken part while the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, is in the country for official tour.

In recent times, there has been a rise of Somalis killed in the United States, with the reason for the killings not known.


Somali-born US citizen killed over 20 dollar taxi fare

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