Ukraine: Somalia Gov’t announces destinations-to-go for Somalis stranded

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia has issued a statement on the situation of Somali nationals stranded in Ukraine and those who have fled the country and are suffering at the border of Ukraine with countries including Poland.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed Somali citizens in Ukraine that neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania have assured all Somali citizens that they will be provided with peace, and that they are prepared to deal wuth the influx of people fleeing from Ukraine.

“Our embassies in Brussels and Berlin still have regular contact with 280 Somalis. We have been informed that Somali nationals have arrived safely in Poland, those heading to Poland and others unable to cross the Medyka-Shehyni and Budomierz-Hrushiv borders. ” said the statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Somali embassies in Brussels and Berlin have done a lot to protect and monitor Somalis stranded in Ukraine, and asked all undocumented Somali nationals to contact the embassies in Brussels and Berlin. 

“We urge neighboring countries to abide by international humanitarian law and to provide unrestricted access to all Africans crossing the Ukrainian border. The Federal Government of Somalia will send official representatives to Somali citizens to obtain the correct identity cards to cross the border,” the statement said.

Somali nationals fleeing the conflict in Ukraine are stranded on the country’s border with Poland and other countries as they try to find their way out of Ukraine.


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Somali nationals fleeing conflict in Ukraine

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