UN Security Council renews arms embargo on Somalia

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The Security Council extended the arms embargo on Somalia for another year, in particular the ban on the purchase of heavy weapons.

The council noted that the sale or export of explosives and the export of charcoal to Somalia, which is said to be funded by al-Shabaab, was also banned.

The council also noted that the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab movement continues to destabilize Somalia.

The resolution also addressed reports of corruption in the country, particularly the misappropriation of public funds in Somalia.

UN Security Council members, meanwhile, have called on the federal government to intensify its fight against al-Shabab in a bid to weaken the terorrist group.

In January 1992 a Security Council resolution imposing an arms embargo on Somalia in response to the country’s ongoing civil war and deteriorating humanitarian situation.

In June 2001, Security Council Resolution 1356 authorizes the lifting of sanctions on Somalia for the use of non-lethal military equipment for humanitarian purposes.

Mzny Somalis question how the country is able to liberate itself from international terrorist groups while the country is sanctioned by the United Nation to purchase arms in order to defend its sovereignty and people.

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