Union of Candidates accuses Consultative Assembly of delaying elections

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Members of the Union of Presidential Candidates have expressed deep concern over the delay in the re-election of Somalia, with the last timetable set for the October 10 election of the President of Somalia expiring.

A statement from the Union of Candidates said the delay in the elections had left the country in a state of constitutional vacuum and uncertainty, which had negatively affected the country’s stability, economy and security.

The Union of Candidates also said it regretted that the agreed timetable had been delayed three times, without explaining to the Somali public the reasons for the delay.

“The Council feels that the National Consultative Assembly has a responsibility to ensure that the Somali people and political stakeholders have a transparent sharing of the reasons for the delay in the elections,” the statement said.

The Union of Candidates also expressed concern that it was not yet clear to the public when the Somali Lower House elections would take place. They said that Federal government institutions whose terms have expired have led to political uncertainty that has eroded public sentiment, overshadowed trade investment, international agreements, financial assistance, debt forgiveness, and Somalia’s representation in international forums.

Finally, the Union of Candidates underlined that the National Consultative Assembly is taking responsibility for the delay in the country’s elections, and urged the Consultative Council leaders to expedite the electoral process and take into account the negative consequences of the delay in the security and economy of the country.

“The council urges the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly to remove the obstacles to the electoral process, in order to save the country from a constitutional vacuum that could jeopardize the long process of state-building and reconciliation in the country.”

Somalia’s elections have been delayed several times, and the Union of Candidates has repeatedly accused incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of being responsible, but this time, laying the shoulders of blame with the National Consultative Assembly that consists of the Prime Minister, Heads of the Five State Governments & Governor of Banadir Region.

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