Union of Candidates take strong stance on the upcoming elections in Somalia

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A meeting was held today in the capital Mogadishu between the members of the Union of Somali Presidential Candidates who have expressed their concerned about the conduct of the parliamentary elections.

The meeting, chaired by former Somali President and Chairman of the Union of Candidates Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, focused on the country’s parliamentary elections.

Candidates also discussed grievances and concerns about some of the ongoing elections, which they say has been distorted in the wrong manner and approach.

Speaking to the media, Dahir Mohamud Guelleh, a spokesman for the Union of Candidates, said they were convinced that the current situation was destabilizing the country.

The spokesman of the Union of Candidates Dahir Mohamud Guelleh who spoke to the media said that for some time they have been calling for free and fair elections in the country, but that they have failed to convince Villa Somalia State House, which is entrusted to rule the country.

He added that the Union of Candidates’ efforts had led to their opposition to an extension, and that they were still seeking free and fair elections in the country.

If not addressed, candidate Dahir Gelle said the current election would be marred by chaos, irregularities and contribute into the country’s deteriorating situation, and that they would begin holding meetings with civil society organizations and traditional elders  in which they will consult on electoral matters.

“The Union of Candidates will hold regular meetings in the coming days to discuss in rescuing the Somali community from the looting and destructive (Electoral) process.”

He said various meetings would be held with various sections of the community and military officials, as the council agreed to oppose the process that began with the election of the House of the People.

“The reason we came together is because the way things are going is very wrong” candidate Dahir Gelle sumarised.

The Union of Candidates, which has not been collectively discussing the electoral process for quite some period, now appears to be taking a united stand on the issue of the election process, which is shrouded in “ambiguity” they say.


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