October 5, 2022

UPDATE: Hotel Hayat attack in Mogadishu

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Preliminary reports are still coming in on the damage caused by an attack that is still going on inside the Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu, which is near the intersection of KM4.

There are reports coming in that the Banadir regional security chief Muhudin Warbac Shadoor is one of the officers who were injured in the attack.

Somali police spokesman Abdifitah Adan told the government media that a serious operation to save people is going on inside the hotel, and they are trying to reduce the risk of this attack.

At least three explosions, two of which were confirmed to be a car and a suicide bomber who blew himself up, took place in the Hayat Hotel this evening, after which armed fighters entered the hotel and are still fighting inside the hotel.

A brief statement released by the media supporting the group said that Al-Shabaab fighters entered the Hayat Hotel, who were shooting directly at the government officials who were in the hotel.

The security forces have filled the area, and an operation is underway to end the siege by the group, with gunshots and bomb explosions heard as the sides exchange each other.

There is no official number of casualties in the ongoing attack, and with reports that many people are trapped inside the hotel.

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Mogadishu: Al Shabab terrorist group storm Hayat Hotel; Casualties feared

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