Casualties reported from two explosions this evening in Mogadishu

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According to eyewitnesses, a man wearing a suicide vest blew himself up at a restaurant on the outskirts of the Somali National Army training camp at General Dhega-badan Ex camp Nacnac.

Four people were killed and at least 10 others were injured in the blast, including soldiers and civilians inside the restaurant.

Somali police spokesman Abdifatah Aden Hassan said in a statement: “At around 5:18 PM, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a restaurant near General Dhagabadan Ex. “The casualties were 14 people injured and four were killed. The suicide bomber targeted a restaurant frequented by members of the local community.”

Al-Shabaab immediately claimed responsibility for the blast, with pro-al-Shabaab media reporting that al-Shabaab claimed to have killed 20 soldiers guarding the Somali Army training school in TurkiSom.

This is the second such incident in the same restaurant when last year, a bomber struck in front of the restaurant in Wadajir district on June 15, 2021. 

Meanwhile, a car bomb exploded in Wadajir district tonight, making it the second bomb explosion incident, near Haji Gabow. The car bomb belonged to a company called Adil, and there were no casualties, except for damage to property, Somali police spokesman Major Abdifatah Adan confirmed to the media.

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