Upper House Candidate Announces withdrawal from race In Jowhar

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Muhidin Hassan Afrah, one of the candidates running for the Upper House seats in Hir Shabelle constituency, has announced his resignation from the race for the Upper House seats.

At a press conference, Muhidin Hassan Afrah said he had decided not to run in the race, as his seat included many candidates.

Muhidin Hassan Afrah’s seat has been occupied by Muse Sudi Yalahow for the past four years with five candidates vying for the seat in this year’s elections.

Up to eight seats are up for grabs in the Hirshabelle Upper House, with up to 30 candidates vying for the seat.

However, some of the candidates on the list have not yet received their certificates, with 26 candidates out of the 32 announced by the state receiving their entry card for the race. 

It is being reported that each prospect for the Upper House seats in Jowhar have paid $22,000 for registration fee, with the Electoral Commission previously announcing that the candidate will be required to pay $ 20,000.

It is expected that candidates for the HirShabelle Upper House Parliament will deliver their speeches to the selecting delegates on Sunday, September 12th, as announced by the Electoral Commission.

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