Upper House election in Jowhar set to begin

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In Jowhar, the capital of HirShabelle, the final preparations for the Upper House elections are underway this morning, which will take place today in the town which is also the capital of Middle Shabelle region.

As many as 27 candidates are vying for the HirShabelle seat in the Upper House, vying for the administration’s eight seats in the Upper House.

Candidates held final meetings with members of the HirShabelle State House of Representatives last night, discussing election issues.

HirShabelle Electoral Commission noted that only three of the eight seats in Jowhar will be up for grabs today.

Some seats are under scrutiny, with some influential politicians vying for the seat, including Muse Sudi Yalahow, who is seeking re-election, but is currently running against Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan and Ahmed Hassan Adow Daaci, and Dr. Hassan Aday Ali.

Interestingly, Dr. Osman Mohamud Mohamed (Dufle) has been running for the seat for the past four years, with Mohamud Ahmed Nur (Tarsan) and Rage Hassan Osman (Hut) vying for the seat.

All the candidates delivered speeches at the HirShabelle parliament building yesterday, talking about their history and performance.

HirShabelle’s election is a crucial one and candidates will run in a transparent manner, as promised by the state president, with two seats up for grabs and a maximum of six.

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