Upper House Election Procedures Released (Read)

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The procedure for selecting the members of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament, the terms, the code of conduct for the candidates for the Upper House and the bank account to which the candidate will deposit the $ 20,000 fee has been released.

A statement from the Federal Electoral Commission said, “The commission is sharing a written request with state presidents to nominate candidates for at least two seats for every seat in Upper House, in accordance with the requirements for membership in the Upper House.”

The commission also said in a statement that it would handle nomination papers for candidates for the Upper House, verify their candidacy and ensure a 30% quota for women.

According to a statement from the committee, the requirements for the candidates for the Upper House are as follows:

1 – To be a citizen of the Federal Republic of Somalia
2 – That he or she is of sound mind
3 – Must be at least 25 years old
4 – He or she must have citizenship rights and should not be suspended for the last five (5) years.
5 – Must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent experience.
6 – Does not belong to or has any affiliation with terrorist groups.
7 – Does not hold a state or federal criminal record letter.

“Every candidate running for the Upper House must pay the registration fee and deposit it in the Electoral Commission’s bank account.”

1 – Registration fee for the Upper House will be $ 20,000 (Twenty thousand dollars) meanwhile for House of Representatives candidates being $ 10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars)

2 – Candidate registration fee will not be refunded.


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