US backs Prime Minister Robles call for National Consultative Conference

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The United States reiterates its support for the National Consultative Assembly convened by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

A statement from the US Embassy in Mogadishu said: “We continue to support the call for an in-person National Consultative Council meeting in Mogadishu. Discussions this week in this established forum are critical to expediting Somalia’s electoral process and correcting observed shortcomings.”

The news from the United States is crucial for Prime Minister Roble, as outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo announces another conference to disrupt Prime Minister Roble’s commitment to find a solution into the corrupt process of the elections.

The U.S. statement came hours after a meeting between Prime Minister Roble and representatives of the international community.

As Roble told members of the International Community, the planned National Consultative Assembly meeting will issue an election timetable for the end of the country’s elections, after several failed election schedules have already been issued.

Representatives of the International Community have unanimously commended the Prime Minister’s efforts to make the elections transparent and credible.

They also particularly welcomed the Prime Minister’s consultative meetings with the Union of Candidates, Civil Society and the International Community, to hear their suggestions on improving the transparency of the elections.


Prime Minister Roble announces opening date for National Consultative Assembly

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