US extends sanctions on Somali officials

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The United States has expanded its list of Somali nationals subject to visa restrictions due to further delays in concluding parliamentary elections.

The United States strongly supports the Somali people and their commitment to democracy,” the statement said from the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“I am expanding the number of Somali individuals subject to visa restrictions for undermining Somalia’s democratic process,” the statement concluded.

Also, Blinken did not disclose the new individuals added to the list of restrictions.

It is believed that these individuals will only know when they apply for a US Visa.

Blinken said that while he encouraged the progress made in the past few weeks, there were still dozens of vacant seats in parliament.

“There are credible reports of systemic errors. Journalists or members of opposition parties working to support democratic institutions and transparent procedures face intimidation, arrests and violence,” Blinken said.

The US Secretary of State said he would continue to evaluate further inclusion in the policy and other options available to him, to enhance accountability and support for a speedy completion of Somalia’s electoral process through a reliable and transparent system.


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