US Government openly supports PM Roble, issues serious threats

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The United States has said it will take action against those who threaten peace in Somalia, and has opposed a move by the former president to oust Prime Minister Roble.

The attempted suspension of Mohamed Roble is alarming & we support his efforts for rapid & credible elections.,” the State Department said in a statement.

The United States has also said that the National Consultative Assembly meeting is urgently needed to expedite the electoral process.

It is the lwatest statement from the United States on the political situation in Somalia, and directly expresses support for one of the warring parties.

The statement clearly supported efforts of Prime Minister Roble.

This statement is a major blow to the former president of Somalia.

The United States has the power to impose ongoing sanctions on anyone who threatens peace in Somalia. understands that the US threat is the beginning of many from countries interested in Somalia, especially European countries.

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