US threatens sanctions against Somali leaders

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The United States has warned of sanctions against Somali politicians and leaders if there is another delay in Somalia’s elections, which are not finalized before February 25th.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price, who held a press conference, first welcomed the decision by the National Consultative Assembly to conclude the Somali elections before February 25th.

“We call on federal and state leaders to adhere to the new timetable and correct any irregularities in the electoral process,” Ned Price said.

“Somalia’s elections are one year behind schedule. February 8 will be the first anniversary of the end of the presidency. The United States stands ready to use the resources available to it, including visa bans, to respond to any further delays, or other actions that may infringe on the integrity of the process. “

The United States has repeatedly threatened to target spoilers in Somalia, but has yet to take action. However, diplomatic sources told that they are now determined to take action.

The National Consultative Assembly agreed at its meeting in Mogadishu to complete the Parliamentary elections in 45 days beginning January 15th, ending February 25th.

The decision was welcomed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who has been repeatedly accused of being an obstacle to the country’s elections, and called on regional leaders to abide by the agreement.

Farmajo, who delivered a speech last night, was reportedly under pressure from the United States to show support for the new election agreement.

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