Victims of Kenyan shelling in Gedo flown to Mogadishu

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Sources within the Ministry of Health have told MTV Somali Channel some of the wounded victims in a recent Kenyan airstrikes in Gedo region have been flown to Mogadishu for further medical treatment last night.

Among those injured in the shelling were young children who are said to be in critical condition with injuries to the head and vital organs.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Federal Government of Somalia, Dr. Ahmed Aden Gurey, who was at Aden Adde International Airport ahead of the arrival of the wounded children by a plane, lamented the Kenyan military’s targeting of innocent civilians.

Minister Gurey noted that Kenya was using the AMISOM umbrella as an excuse to target civilians, and said it would be held accountable.

Last Friday, Kenyan warplanes bombed areas in Gedo region, including Ceelcadde, injuring several civilians and killing a mother.

The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) has promised to investigate allegations that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) killed civilians in Gedo during an aerial raid on Al-Shabaab militants.

In a statement on Saturday evening, the Mission said it will check if the KDF, who are a part of Amisom, violated the operational code in the raids.

“The Mission shall fully investigate the alleged incident and the findings shall be shared with all relevant stakeholders,” Amisom said.

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