Voilent robberies on the rise in Mogadishu

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Resident in the nations capital have complained of rise in armed group killings and robberies in parts of Mogadishu as a young man has become the latest victim last night in the Karaan district of Banadir region with acts increasing in the capital in recent days.

According to reports, the gang killed a young man in the Jamhuuriya neighborhood, then robbed him, and took his mobile phone.

The deceased was identified as Mowlid Ali Mohamed, and was one of the students who had graduated from Mogadishu High School last year.

Local sources told MTVSomali.com that the robbers first ordered Mowlid to hand over his phone, then when he refused, opened fire at him, and it is said that the wounded man later died from his injuries after he was rushed to a local hospital.

Mowlid Ali Mohamed was an active young man who lived in the Jmahuriya neighborhood of Karaan district, where he was well known in the area for his charm locals say.

There was no immediate word from security officials or the district administration on the incident.

Mogadishu has recently witnessed an increase in insecurity acts, such as killings and robberies at nightfall in some districts of Benadir region.

Security analyst say that this is partly due to the country’s transition period, as the Somali government is currently preoccupied in the process of holding elections in 2021.


Police release statement on heavy operation in Mogadishu


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