Waddani party rallies in regions and districts of Somaliland on the third day of the campaign

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Leaders, supporters and candidates of the Waddani opposition party, rallied in the regions and districts of Somaliland on the third day of the local election campaign.

Thousands of supporters, some waving and wearing the Waddani party’s orange flag, filled the Waddani party’s campaign squares early in the morning.

Top Waddani party leaders, local council candidates and representatives, and their supporters, gathered at the Freedom Park in Hargeisa early in the morning, where they held their largest rally.

Party chairman and presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) said his party had worked hard to ensure the election.

“The Waddani party and I, the chairman of the Waddani party, have put in a lot of effort and we have put up with a lot of things that were not tolerated,” he said.

“We have shown patience, we have shown patience, so that the election can take place.”

“Today we have arrived and are heading for the May 31 by-elections in Somaliland,” he added.

The speaker, meanwhile, condemned this week’s attacks on opposition party offices in Las Anod.

“It is unacceptable for anything that could harm the peaceful conduct of the election. I strongly condemn the cowardly act of firing on the offices of Waddani and UCID in Las Anod,” he said.

Today’s Waddani party campaign is its first day, with the election campaign continuing for the third day in a row.


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