Warnings issued off the coast of Somalia amid emerging health risks

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A study by City University in Mogadishu has warned of the possibility of sea poisoning following an increase in the death of rotten fish found in Somali waters.

The study, conducted by the University of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at City University, found that in recent days there has been an increase in sea level rise, as well as an increase in the poisoning of one of the most widely used served fish dish in Somalia.

The pufferfish has been tossed out of the sea as the fish were seen floating around the shores.

“Previous writings suggest that such deaths sometimes occur naturally. National fish that live in shallow water near the coast cannot survive in the ocean. Winds, thunderstorms and waves sometimes draw water and throw fish to shore, ’said a preliminary report from City University in Mogadishu.

The discovery of the dead fish comes amid fears after a ship carrying several tons of chemicals sank in the waters of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

”The study suggest, although early to confirm, patterns are emerging that are consistent with poisoning” said a member of the research team. 

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