Warring factions over council formation in Barawe district seperated

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Reports from the Lower Shabelle region say that the situation in the coastal town of Barawe, the capital of the South Western state of Somalia, is calm this morning after fighting broke out there.

Reliable sources have told MTVSomali.com that they have succeeded in dismantling the two warring factions with the situation now stable.

Intellectuals and officials from the South West region had managed to disperse the fighting forces and militias, dislodging them from rooftop buildings that had been used as defense mechanism in the city that was besieged by the warring parties.

Negotiations are also underway to end the fighting in Barawe, which has impacted general activities in the city.

Local reports say that the dispute and the cause of the fighting was the result of a power-sharing dispute over the construction of a local council formation in Barawe.

South West State President Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen is accused of being opposed to the Hawiye clan, who have a major population in the area, from being members in the local council to be formed in Barawe.

However, in recent days there has been an increase in complaints from Hawiye intellectuals living in Barawe, who said State President Abdiazziz Lafta Gareen had made it clear to them that the local council to be formed in Barawe would not have a single member of the Hawiye clan, in which they say they will not accept.

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