Wife of Coldoon: Somaliland forces ‘attacked our home’

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The wife of journalist Abdimalik Sheikh Muse Coldon, who is currently being held captive in Somaliland, announced that her home in Burao was attacked by police and military forces in the early hours of this morning.

Coldon’s wife, Asia Farah, said on her Facebook page that security forces stormed the house and searched it.

She also revealed that the troops terrorized the children and other women at the house of Abdimalik Sheikh Muse Coldon at that time of the raid.

“A large number of military and police forces raided Samafale Coldon’s house at around 5:00 am, terrorizing children and women.” she said.

She added that Somaliland forces stormed the house without permission, accusing them of violating international law and custom.

“It was they who came into our home in violation of our rights and customary law.” added Asia Farah.

This comes as Coldon, a journalist who has been reporting on a series of anti-Abaarso and Barwaqo universities which are based in Somaliland, is currently being held in the country . religious activity in areas under Somaliland administration.

However, this is not the first time Somaliland police have arrested Abdimalik Ol’doon; last year, he was sentenced by a Marodijeh regional court to three years in prison.
There was no immediate word from security officials from the raid.

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