August 13, 2022

Young man found hanging at a business in Mogadishu; Details emerge

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The body of a young man has been exhumed from a sewing machine business shop near the Mogadishu intersection of Dabka after he committed suicide inside the premises.

The business shop was closed when relatives arrived after being concerned for the safety of Abdirahman Abdullahi Abdiaziz, and had reportedly forced their way in and discovered his lifeless body hanging from a rope around his neck.

The exact time of Abdirahman’s death is unknown as he went missing on Thursday, and he is likely to have hanged himself on Friday, according to family members.

Some residents said the young man had been in a family row in recent days, without elaborating.

Abdirahman wrote a will stating that he had a wife and two children, which was found near his body.

Residents, who were familiar with Abdirahman, gathered at the scene, shocked by the tragic incident.

The young man was very popular known in Waberi District, and for a few years worked for various kinds of tailors in the area.

Waberi police officers arrived at the scene and launched an investigation, and the body was taken to the CID headquarters for post-mortem examination.

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